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Terms and Conditions

Conway Chauffeur Drive Stansted (hitherto referred to as the Company) have based their terms and conditions on the Company's philosophy of being completely fair and equitable in all respects. 

Acceptance of a quotation by the Client will constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


Private hire cars must be pre-booked in advance. A booking confirmation will be sent by email confirming full details including addresses, times and agreed pricing.

Flight delays

The Company will not seek to profit from unavoidable delays at the airport. The flight will be monitored and the driver will endeavour to minimise any car parking charges at the airport. We reserve the right to apply charges for delays over 1 hour. 

Waiting Time

We understand if you wish to extend your time in a restaurant or if a meeting runs over, all we ask is that you let the driver know. A waiting charge will apply after 30 minutes elapses at the start or return of the journey time booked. The hourly rate will be £30 p/hour pro rata. 

Food and Alcohol Consumption

For the benefit of all our patrons and to maintain hygiene and cleanliness standards, passengers are advised to finish consuming any food or drink before commencing the journey. Smoking, vaping and the consumption of tobacco is illegal. 

Passenger safety

In unison with airline policy and passenger safety, the Company reserve the right to refuse to carry in its vehicles any person who is thought to be severely under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or is considered to pose a threat to the chauffeur or his or her vehicle.

Unscheduled stops

Additional Pick-Up or Drop-off addresses not confirmed at time of the booking will incur additional charges for the additional mileage covered.

Payments and security

Credit card payments are subject to an administration fee of 5%. The Company uses izettle card readers for the processing of credit/debit card payments. This is completely secure and the driver does not see or hold any sensitive financial information. 


The client may cancel it's booking up to 24 hours beforehand without any explanation or penalty. Cancellations made on the day of travel must be paid in full. 

Licensing and Insurance

The Company agrees to supply only Licensed vehicles and Chauffeurs. The Company agrees to maintain adequate insurance in respect of its Vehicles and Public Liability in relation to the provision of the Services. The Company shall upon written request of the Client provide to the Client copies of the Certificates of Insurance.

Privacy and confidentiality

All drivers are subject to a non disclosure agreement which they sign on an annual basis.

Passenger safety

Passenger safety is paramount and all passengers will be looked after with the utmost care.